Thursday, 28 February 2013

A bash at Blashford lakes

I had a nice visit today at blashford-if a  bit short.
First from tern hide i saw large amounts of waterfowl-including pintail,goosander,goldeneye, and several thousand shoveler. I also had a Yellow-legged gull
next by Rockerford lake i saw a party of 4 goldeneye and 2 black-necked grebe which were distant the lake.
Next ivy lake which held a very close Bittern. Also were large numbers of wigeon,gadwall,tufted duck and shoveler. A great-creasted grebe was there also.
Variety of waterfowl inc-goosander(male and fem), shoveler, (male and fem) and pintail.


Male (left) and female (right) goldeneye

Black-necked grebe


Beautiful bittern

An avian poxed great tit
Next to the woodland hide where there was a nice selection of passerines including a lesser redpoll. Most intrestingly and perhaps most sadly was a great tit with avian pox. This is the first ever bird i have seen in hants which has avian pox. A sad end to a great day.

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